The Agile method for your project


What is the AGILE method

The AGILE methodology is an iterative approach with which workers quickly release changes to try to be as adherent as possible to customer requests. The goal is to achieve maximum customer satisfaction. In the AGILE methodology there are various teams made up of a few members who collaborate with each other to develop the final product. This is made possible thanks to the continuous interaction between the customer’s requests and the various teams that collaborate with each other.


All-round interaction

Gemjni thanks to the knowledge in the IT and AGILE world, is able to provide advice to optimize the achievement of your goal according to your needs, helping you to adopt the AGILE methodology both for those who work in the office and for those who work from home. We help you create an infrastructure that can accommodate both realities and that are safe and efficient for both the company and the worker.


Work from home

Gemjni, thanks to its knowledge in the IT world, will help you to create an IT infrastructure to guarantee those who work from home to work in total efficiency and safety, and to be able to access their telephone extension, files and much more from their home. The AGILE methodology implements itself perfectly, giving those who work from home work in microblocks that will be completed and sent for review via video conference in the daily appointment with the department manager.


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